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tv   KBS News  KTSF  February 28, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PST

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i'm only 17, but i know about investing. believe in something, buy shares in it, watch it grow. so...what if you could invest in the future? the future of kids? like a stock. not the kind of stock that's about making money. but a stock for social change. a whole new kind of investment called better futures. when you invest, it helps kids go to college. i could be one of the first college graduates from my family. the first philanthropist from my neighborhood. and if i'm the first, then maybe there's a second. and a third. believe in us, invest in us. watch us grow. my name is sydni and i'm your dividend.
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time to wake up. i've got a job to do today. i've got a job to do today. don't forget, you've got a job to do today!
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hey mom? i got the job. thanks. you got the job. welcome aboard. have a good first day at work, mom! narrator: your donations to goodwill fund job-training programs right in your community. feels good to start fresh, right? sure does. narrator: and like that, you're a job creator.
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a few years ago, i noticed i was feeling increasingly tired.
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my fatigue was so intense that i got to the point sometimes when i got home from work, i couldn't even remember the drive. the excessive tiredness and forgetfulness - not to mention my snoring that constantly woke up my husband - prompted me to get a sleep test. the results showed that i have sleep apnea. sleep apnea is a common disorder in fact, 50 to 60 percent of those who snore have it. many couples accept snoring as an inevitable part of nightly life. but sleep apnea is associated with serious health problems such as the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and even heart failure. treatments for sleep apnea range from simple lifestyle changes to breathing machines to surgery. treating my sleep apnea has changed my life. armed with information, you too could be on your way to a restful night's sleep and a healthier life. [female narrator] learn more at wake up to sleep dot org or call 877-389-8868.
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woman: but at this moment, he's fighting leukemia. announcer: st. jude children's research hospital is saving lives with pioneering research and care. and we'll never have to pay st. jude for anything. announcer: please take a moment and visit today.
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